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Our Environmental Commitment

Keeping it green!

With pollution and global warming awareness ever increasing around the world, Braai & BBQ have made sure that we do everything within our power to guarantee a positive carbon footprint. As part of Braai & BBQ’s commitment to ‘keeping it green’, we have put the following measures in place regarding our products: Braai & BBQ’s Charcoal and ‘Triquettes®’ are made from Namibian Invader Bush, which is a renewable source. The bush is a parasite and Braai & BBQ assists the Namibian government in ‘harvesting’ this invader bush. Furthermore, no chemicals are added in the production of the Charcoal, Briquettes and ‘Triquettes®’ – thus ensuring that your fire burns ‘cleaner’ for longer. The ash of Braai & BBQ’s Charcoal and ‘Triquettes®’ can be mixed with any fertilisers, and then used in the fertilisation of plants. The bags are made solely out of paper (Braai & BBQ’s products all come in paper bags), there are no plastic handles or parts (which will release toxins into the environment once burnt), and thus you can dispose of the bags by either chucking it on your fire or throwing it in a bin, as it is biodegradable.
Environmentall Friendly, 100% Natural ingredients. FSC. Forests For All Forever.